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July 17 2019

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July 16 2019

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July 15 2019

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July 14 2019

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Fort Kick-Butt. No Humans Allowed. Free WiFi.

Source: barkycatbros
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Head of security

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July 13 2019

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July 08 2019

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July 05 2019

I am only able to visit the Cats soup when I am logged out of soup.  When I am logged in, I get the 

504 Gateway Time-out

error message.  I have repeatedly asked soup's Powers That Be about this, without response nor change.  If a Cats admin considers me a spammer or some such, please unsubscribe me from the group, since I can't do so myself, being unable to access the group.  If I am not considered a spammer, please try to intercede on my behalf so I can access the group.
Thank you so very much.
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July 04 2019

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July 03 2019

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